Real Estate Marketing in 2014

Unique Ways to Real Estate Marketing in 2014

Balboa Real Estate – Real Estate Marketing Techniques

In Real Estate and many other facets of life, marketing is key to get anywhere. In real estate marketing many agents walk the well beaten path. There’s nothing wrong with using real estate marketing techniques that have been tried and tested. However in an industry where there are more agents than homes to sell, you want to stand out.

In 2014, it takes more to sell a home and the following tips will help you up your real estate marketing game, sell more homes, make more commission and thrive as an agent.

Make your property stands out. An effective way to get your property noticed is to create a website. Showcase the house under good lighting. A little staging goes a long way. Put some thought into your url and make sure to include information from the MLS. Make the website the go to source for potential buyers.

Be smart about what you pay for real estate marketing. Paid advertising platforms such as Facebook and Google are performance based and you pay per click. It’s better to utilize these platforms versus others that will not give you metrics. You want to know that it’s money well spent to bring in prospective buyers and you want to see numbers that are delivering clients to you.

Create buzz on your listed property by offering agents incentives. For the most part, no one turns down a free lunch. Offer a small monetary bonus to agents that brings your property a buyer within a certain time. This will not only drive more interest to you listing but will can help you sell the home in a faster timeframe.

Live by a real estate marketing technique of marketing and advertising that multiplies itself and not necessarily pays for itself. Keep all business cards and network with other agents. Send a postcard to past clients. Ask for referrals and keep in touch with agents and clients alike. Spend a little on postcards and Christmas cards to multiply your client base when you get those referrals.

Get on the social media train. One of the biggest social media platform of 2014 is Instagram. You can take photos of your properties, filter it and share it with your clients, other agents in your network. The best part of Instagram is that it’s an easy and fast way to market your listing and getting it out for people to see.

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