Real Estate Training is Overrated


One thing that all big name real estate companies offer as bait to lure agents to their company is real estate training.

Real Estate trainingThis is a gimmick, and here’s why:

It is a common misconception among agents that getting training has significant impact on their success. Generally speaking, training is a way for agents to act like they are busy doing something productive. It is easy to do, because training is force fed to agents by the trainer. The hard thing for agents to do is actually engage prospects and ask for business. Training, one way or another, detracts from the simple truth that unless a real estate agent is asking for and earning business, training is 100% irrelevant.

Certainly, getting trained on a few fundamentals is a good thing to do. However, it should be done in small and precise doses so that it doesn’t interfere with overarching goal of prospecting. Just remember that there is an overabundance of agents with knowledge and an overabundance of tools to help agents conduct a transaction, but there is a shortage of clients.  When you find a client that wants to work with you, there are other agents and tools lined up to help you through the process.

It’s important to train yourself on marketing because that will assist you in engaging with your target demographic. However, this varies greatly depending on what your niche is and involves trial and error as you prospect. Most “big box” training programs on marketing are sterile and too vague to really offer the value they advertise.

In the few cases where being trained on something becomes essential for your prospecting, there is a myriad of free tools from Youtube videos and webinars to resources with your local association of Realtors. However, rarely does training warrant the split or fees that most real estate companies charge with the justification of training.

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