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What is 100% commission real estate?

100% commision real estate is a name for a low cost real estate brokerage model for agents. Instead of the traditional percentage fee of a real estate agent’s commission paid to the broker, also known as a commission split, a nominal flat fee or annual fee is paid instead. As an example, an agent earns a […]

Are Personality Tests Needed for Real Estate Agents?

Can the liklihood of a real estate agent’s success be predicted by a personality test or bevaiorial assessment? Some real estate companies have adopted the same screening technique as large companies hiring employees by asking prospective real estate agents to take an Activity Vector Analysis (AVA) assessment or the DISC behavior assessment, which is based on four […]

What To Look For in a 100% Commission Brokerage

For years, many real estate agents have left the traditional office model of paying 20%-50% of their commission to the brokerage. These agent go to brokerages that charge agents a flat fee instead instead of a percentage of the commission. This flat fee commission arrangement between brokers and agents is what is referred to as […]

Taking Initiative in Real Estate Agency

Often, we have ideas about how to grow our real estate agency business. Some are good and some aren’t, but many ideas never get a chance. This is because we think about something to do, or maybe a way to do something better, but never do it. Just think about it for a second, have you […]

Advice For Part-Time Real Estate Agents Looking For 100% Commission

Maybe you are looking to ramp up your real estate business, whether you’re just starting out or have been in the business for a while. Some of you may be deciding whether to focus on residential or commercial real estate. Of course you’re considering which real estate brokerage to join. Have you asked yourself whether to work […]

Balboa Real Estate: Your Real Estate Future Starts with Us

When you got licensed as a real estate agent, it was extremely important to decide which broker is best to work with and get trained. A strong start at the beginning of your career from a 100% commission broker will make a huge impact for those who are new to real estate field. Some larger […]

What a Real Estate Agent Should Look For In a Brokerage

What a Real Estate Agent Should Look For In A Brokerage Choosing a real estate brokerage could be tough for agents who wanted to make sure that all their efforts in finding buyers are all worth the commissions they are getting. I know because finding and prospecting clients are not easy as pie, unless you are […]

When is the seller exempt from a Transfer Disclosure Statement (TDS)

When is a seller exempt from a Transfer Disclosure Statement? This question comes up very often. It’s required more often than you migh think. By the way, if a Transfer Disclosure Statement (TDS) is needed then the Seller Property Questionnaire (SPQ) is needed too. State law makes it a package deal to use both forms on a transaction. […]

Where Are Your Clients?

Where are your real estate clients? Are they offline or online? There are two very important things to think about before you start on a real estate marketing campaign. What is your brand/identity Where are your clients Brand/Identity is a topic for another day. For now we need to figure out where your clients are in order […]